Dust Control

Dust Control

We utilize both magnesium and calcium chloride for your dust control needs. Computer controlled application rates insure your dust control dollars are well spent.

Dust Control Applications
  • Construction Sites
  • Commercial Sites
  • Solar Energy Farms
  • Airports
  • Unpaved Roads

Packing house dust control treatment

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Tanker truck applying magnesium and calcium chloride
Magnesium and Calcium Chloride Application



Military projects are most challenging when it comes to combatting fugitive dust; so, come to the team with experience arresting air quality violations.

Remote military convoy trails gave us a unique opportunity to rise to the occassion in an extremely airid climate.

Military convoy trail prior to dust control treatment
Convoy Trail Prior to Dust Control Application

Military convoy trail after dust control treatment
Same Trail After Dust Control Application


Unpaved Roads, Solar Fields and Airports

Farm roads, unpaved county roads, and agriculture access roads are prime candidates for these applications in combatting PM-10; Producing a dust free environment.

Solar energy farms are proven testaments of dust abatement; keeping the mirrors clean and producing their maximum efficiency in energy output.

Farm road with dust treatment applied
Farm Road With Dust Control Application

Solar field and airport with dust treatment applied
Applications on Shoulders of Taxiways and Runways Provide Added Safety




Call on our experienced team for all of your grading or dust control needs!

Our experience ranges over thirty years covering a wide range of challenges here in the great Southwest.

We are committed to the challenge, and have been proven to meet the task at hand time, and time again; as these images well demonstrate.

Grading equipment




Our Products and Services

  • Dust Control & Soil Stabilization
  • Mass Grading for:
  • Commercial, Industrial, Retail Big Box
  • Churches and Schools
  • Residential, Townhomes, Condo's
  • Streets, Parking Lots, Road Improvement
  • Fueled, Maintained, Operated Equipment Rental